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Here is what you need to know about Kamal

He grew up far away from here and throughout this long process that is traveling and life he developed so many skills, for whom he brilliantly received prices such as French [ Lauréat Jeunes Talents de l’Artisanat du Val-de-Marne 2007-2008 Catégorie Métiers d’Art ] award. He even develops a technique to fix regulus which is known to be unfixable. He’s the only one who masters this technique.

Kamal will never accept that something is unfixable, so if you think your object is desperate, you definitely need to find him, he’ll change your world. He is the one who’ll bring back to life your antique objects, from lamps and statues to automaton and clocks. He’s even able to fix your antique swords and pistols if needed ! Kamal’s specialty is Art nouveau and Art Déco objects but he can do so much more than that. More than fixing thing, he can create many as he already did for movies or fashion shows.

Here is someone who’ll always be careful about small details and be willing to restaure antique products on the perfectly right way so that no one ever knows it has been repaired. Trusting Kamal’s magic hands and knowledge won’t disappoint you, for sure.

Atelier Métal d'Art

52, bd de Créteil 94100 Saint-Maur des Fossés
Tél : 01 48 85 50 91
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